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There’s no doubt about it: A fat, green watermelon is a spectacular conversation piece on any table. But then fun comes when you cut it up, and this easy to cut, easy to serve treat demands no special care or cooking. Just cut and serve! Watermelon also makes a good addition to meals when added in melon ball form to salads, fruit cocktails, and fresh, fun summer side dishes. Watermelon’s unique character and flavor makes it a favorite treat for kids, too.

Health Benefits
Watermelon contains vitamins A, C, B6, and potassium. It is fat-free, and high in energy. It is also a good source of lycopene, which may reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Fun Facts

  • Watermelon is grown in over 96 countries worldwide.
  • In China and Japan watermelon is a popular gift to bring a host.
  • Watermelon is 92% water.

Selection Tips
Choose a watermelon that is free of cuts, dents, and bruises.

The Fresh1 watermelons come from Texas, Florida, Arizona, and California and are available year round.

Store uncut watermelon in a cool place. Cut fruit should be refrigerated.


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