The Radishes Are Coming
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Cool, crispy radishes are a simple, but tasty addition to salads. Sliced thin over a mixed salad, they add nutrition and color, along with a distinctive kick of tangy flavor. Or chop them into an egg salad and enjoy a little extra zing. Radishes have their place as a garnish, soup topping, Asian salad accent, and even on their own, as a fresh, simple, and crunchy snack. Don’t overlook this little powerhouse of flavor—it can add vitality to your diet in so many ways.

Health Benefits
Radishes are fat- and cholesterol-free, low in calories and sodium, and high in vitamin C. They also contain sulfurous compounds, which may help protect against cancer.

Fun Facts

  • Radishes grow fast, and are named for the Greek word for fast-appearing.
  • Radishes are a member of the mustard family.
  • Radishes come in many colors, including red, pink, white, and black, and some varieties grow to 100 pounds or more.

Selection Tips
Good quality radishes should be bright in color with firm, well-formed roots and crisp, white flesh. Attaches tops should be green and fresh. Avoid radishes that appear dry, wilted, spongy, or rough-skinned.

The Fresh1 radishes come from Florida and are available November through June.

Store radishes in the refrigerator.


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