Pinto Beans
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These popular beans are essential to much of Mexican and American cuisine. The colorful “frijole”—pinto bean—is one of the most popular vegetables in the Americas. It’s a traditional food in much of Mexico and Central America, and takes a proud place on the family table for cultural events and holidays. Paired with chilies, it’s part of many popular Latino dishes, and added to a chili stew, it’s a firehouse special.

Health Benefits
Whether tucked into a burrito, stirred into a chili, or smeared onto a tortilla, the pinto is a creamy, flavor-packed bean that delivers protein, antioxidants, and Vitamins. Beans of any kind are a great way to boost your protein intake while keeping fat and cholesterol in check. The pinto bean is an especially good choice: No other bean packs as much protein.

Fun Facts

  • The pinto bean has more protein than any other bean.
  • Pinto beans are the most commonly produced bean in the United States.
  • The official state vegetable of New Mexico is “frijoles”—pinto beans—along with the red chili, which often accompanies the bean in local cuisine.
  • Dove Creek, Colorado, is the Pinto Bean Capital of the World.

Selection Tips
Check dried beans for moisture or insect damage; make sure they are whole and not cracked.

The Fresh1 pinto beans are available all year round.

Store dried beans in an airtight container in a cool, dark place for up to 12 months.

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