The Evolution Of Salad
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Early on, salads were stereotyped as a "diet food." A common misconception was that the salad was just a plain plate of lettuce topped with croutons and dressing. But that's all changed! Today, the salad has evolved from a dull, tasteless first course, to a vibrant, delicious meal in itself. This is partly due to the availability of many different lettuce varieties.Don't get stuck limiting yourself to solely using Iceberg lettuce (which is actually one of the least nutritious of all salad greens), but experiment with some of the many exciting new flavors in the lettuce aisle. Don’t forget to pick lettuce up for sandwiches, too. Crisp, fresh lettuce leaves bring any sandwich creation up to the next level, and add nutrition, too.

Health Benefits
Although iceberg lettuce doesn’t contain significant amounts of any vitamin, other varieties, such as romaine, are excellent sources of vitamin A. Romaine also contains folate and phytochemicals thought to reduce the incidence of cancer.

Fun Facts

  • Americans eat almost five times more lettuce now than they ate in the early 1900s.
  • Romans traditionally began their banquets with lettuce to enhance the appetite and relax the alimentary canal.
  • Iceberg lettuce was called Crisphead until the 1920s. To keep the lettuce cool during shipping huge quantities of ice were mounded on top of it, giving it the appearance of an iceberg.

Selection Tips
When choosing lettuce, look for loose bunches that are fresh, crisp, and well-colored. Avoide lettuce that seems wilted or shows signs of spotting or decay. Avoid leaf lettuce that has yellow leaves or cracked ribs. For the perfect head of iceberg lettuce, find one that is springy-firm and gives slightly to gentle pressure.

In addition to bagged salad mixes, we also offer California and Arizona leaf lettuce; California, Arizona, and Colorado iceberg lettuce, and romaine hearts from California and Arizona, all year round.

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