The Skinny On Grapefruit Revealed
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When you hear the word "citrus" the orange may be the first thing that comes to mind. As delicious as oranges are, there are several other members of the citrus family that deserve recognition. The tart and tangy grapefruit often gets overlooked- but shouldn't. It’s distinctive sweet-tangy flavor adds zest to the morning when you enjoy a grapefruit for breakfast, and it makes a great mid-afternoon pick-up-me treat as well. Don’t forget to drink grapefruit juice, too. The ruby red variety is especially sweet.

Health Benefits
Grapefruit is high in fiber and Vitamin C. Just one medium grapefruit contains 210% of the Daily Recommended Value of Vitamin C. Grapefruit is fat-, saturated fat-, cholesterol-, and sodium-free as well.

Fun Facts

  • Grapefruit comes in three different varieties: red, pink, and white (the white variety is actually yellow in color)? These colors refer to their edible insides.
  • Grapefruit was first grown in Florida in the early 1800s.

Selection Tips
When choosing grapefruit, look for heavy, plump fruit with no blemishes or soft spots. Fruit is at it best texture and flavor when it’s in season.

The Fresh1 grapefruit come from Florida, Texas, California, and Arizona and is available year round.

Store in the refrigerator.


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