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There are few vegetables with more style and substance than a Fresh 1® eggplant. With its shiny, dark purple skin, it’s a beauty in the produce aisle and unlike any other vegetable. But there’s more to this veggie than good looks: it’s packed with beneficial fiber, which lowers your risk for coronary heart disease, and it’s a versatile companion to creative cooks from many different ethnic and regional backgrounds. Eggplant is showing up on more and more menus—try it at home if you haven’t already!

Health Benefits
Eggplant is a good choice because its high fiber content helps digestive function, and lowers risk of coronary heart disease. In addition, eggplant contains potassium, Vitamin C, and protein.

Fun Facts
In 16th century Spain, the eggplant was believed to be an aphrodisiac.
Europeans believed eggplants caused insanity, and called it the Mad Apple.
Eggplants are best known for their purple color, but they are available in a wide variety of lavender shades-even striped!

Selection Tips
Small, immature eggplants have the sweetest flavor and the firmest flesh. They may become bitter as they age.

The Fresh1 eggplants come from Florida, Ohio, and Missouri, and they are available from July through October.

Store your eggplant in a cool place and use within a week of purchase.


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