All Easy Entertaining Recipes

Recipe Name   Commodities
Acorn Squash and Apple Puree   Squash
Artichoke & Roasted Red Pepper Salad w/ Roasted Pepper Dressing   Peppers
Asparagus Guacamole   Asparagus
Avocado Green Onion Party Dip   Green Onions
Caesar-Style Salad   Lettuce
Caribbean Lime Chicken   Green Onions, Limes
Citrus 'N' Banana Compote Delight   Oranges
Citrus Salad   Oranges
Citrus Salad with Avocado   Oranges, Grapefruit
Danish Potato Salad with Dill   Green Onions, Potatoes
Five Fruit Soup   Grapes, Limes
Fresh Melon Julep   Cantaloupe, Watermelon
Fresh Tomato Salsa   Green Onions, Tomatoes
Fruit Salad with Grapefruit-Poppy Seed Dressing   Grapefruit, Lettuce
Garlic Grilled Baby Eggplants   Eggplant
Green Bean Sauté   Beans
Half Time Skins   Potatoes
Honey-Baked Apples   Apples
Italian Vegetable Bake   Zucchini
Japanese Petal Salad   Radishes
Marinated Cucumber and Vidalia Onion Salad   Cucumbers, Onions
Orange - Broccoli Salad   Broccoli, Oranges
Pasta Toss with Turkey and Grapes   Grapes
Pineapple Poppy Seed Salad   Kiwifruit, Strawberries
Pistachios, Fruits and Fun   Cantaloupe
Potato Vegetable Salad with Yogurt   Potatoes, Radishes
Smoked Chicken Salad with Onions and Dried Cherries   Celery, Onions
Sparkling Punch   Apples, Lemons, Oranges
Strawberry-Vanilla Semifreddo   Strawberries
Sweet Onion-Pineapple Salsa   Onions
Sweet Potato and Apple Salad   Apples, Potatoes
Tarragon Chicken Salad Pitas   Celery, Grapes


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