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Introduce Kids to Produce Early

Healthy eating habits start from the very beginning! Make sure your kids make produce and life-long part of their lifestyle by introducing fresh fruits and vegetables to them during their earliest months. Babies can begin to enjoy the great taste and powerful nutrition produce brings to the table as soon as they can sit up and enjoy solid foods—at about six months of age.

  • Offer pureed vegetables such as squash, peas, and sweet potatoes as some of your child’s first foods. You may have to offer a vegetable 7 to 10 times for your child to gain an appreciation for it—don’t give up too soon!
  • Try vegetables before offering fruits, so that your baby doesn’t develop a sweet tooth. A well balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, milk or formula, and grain cereals is ideal for the first year of life.
  • Make your own baby foods by running cooked produce through your food processor. It’s easy, fast, and affordable. Freeze small portions in ice cube trays and thaw as needed.
  • Make extra for baby! Whenever you serve produce to the adults in your household, puree a small serving for baby as well.

It’s fun to introduce your baby to the wonderful world of fresh produce. But remember that everyone in your household should be eating well. Keep modeling good diet behavior by serving fresh produce with every meal. When your kids grow up eating fresh vegetables and fruits, they grow up healthier and in the habit of eating well for life!

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