Celery: Crisp and Sensational
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Instead of reaching for chips when you feel like having a snack, consider a healthier choice: celery. Crisp, refreshing Fresh1® celery is available year around, and this veggie tray favorite is great by itself, or with a wide variety of dips or spreads. It makes a great after-school or late-night snack, and celery is a terrific option for people keeping an eye on their weight—it has only 20 calories per serving!

With its simple, pale green looks and old-standby familiarity, celery sometimes gets overlooked in favor of newer or more exciting produce choices. But quiet celery is a secret health booster, packed with beneficial fiber and antioxidant vitamin C. That means it works hard to prevent cancer and coronary heart disease. Snack to that!

Health Benefits
Celery is fat- and cholesterol-free, low in sodium and calories, and a good source of vitamin C.

Fun Facts

  • With only 20 calories in a serving (approximately two stalks), celery is a healthy snack.
  • Celery is fat-free.
  • Make celery more convenient to snack on, and extend its freshness by storing it ready to eat. Wash and cut your celery into snack-sized pieces, and pack them in a sealable plastic container filled with water. Refrigerate.

Selection Tips
Look for celery with straight stalks and rigid ribs. The ribs should snap crisply when they are bent. The inside surface of the ribs should be clean and smooth, and the leaves should show no sign of wilting.

The Fresh1 celery comes from California and Arizona and is available all year.

Keep celery in the refrigerator.


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