Green Beans: Hearty Harvest
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When you see the green beans piled high in your grocery store’s bins at the end of summer, you’ll know that the fall harvest is coming soon. Green beans are one of the first vegetables to ripen, and a bright sign of summer’s bounty. Fortunately, you can get Fresh1® green beans year round, too, but this simple, homey vegetable is one of late summer’s most traditional taste sensations. They’re inexpensive, packed with nutrition and flavor, and make great summer salads, sautés, and side dishes. Serve them at home or at your next BBQ!

Health Benefits
Every produce choice you make is a good one, but adding fresh green vegetables to your diet could give you extra protection against disease. They contain a compound called phytonutrients that may prevent cancer and heart disease. Green vegetables may also help strengthen vision health and promote strong bones and teeth.

Fun Facts

  • Green beans have been cultivated in Mexico for over 7,000 years.
  • Some varieties of green beans are yellow!
  • Green beans are actually immature legumes—they are harvested before the seeds have been allowed to dry and mature.

Selection Tips
Choose fresh-looking, bright green beans that have firm flesh and no wrinkled, brown, or moist areas.

The Fresh1 beans come from Florida, Georgia, Missouri, and Ohio and are available May through October.

Store beans in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.


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